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Your support, your Student Services!

University is an exciting time full of new experiences and challenges, but it can also be a time that can lead to feelings of anxiety and pressure. During this uncertain time, students now more than ever may be experiencing undue stress.

Reports show that one in four students will experience mental health issues at University – and this is pre-COVID! We all have mental health, this refers to our general mental wellbeing, like how you might be feeling emotionally, socially or psychologically. From time to time though we will all experience issues with our mental wellbeing. Student Services recognise this and have a range of expert staff and services that are here to help you.

57% of students report that money problems whilst at University has led to mental health difficulties and 37% of students said this then impacted on their grades. The Student Money and Accommodation Team are here to help. Their specialist staff can offer a range of expert advice on a whole range of student funding matters as well as advice on student accommodation in halls and private rented accommodation. Book an appointment today and talk to our team!

Being a student can mean juggling lots of responsibilities from increased workload, relationships and employment worries – and now many of us are experiencing isolation and concerns over our physical health as well. With such busy lives we can all sometimes feel overwhelmed leading to feelings of increased stress and anxiety. You are not alone and our supportive and expert Counselling Team are here to help. The majority of students who have used the service say that counselling is very supportive and valuable. Many students describe counselling as a life-changing experience, which has made their time at university much more rewarding. Arranging remote meetings with one of our well-trained staff is easy.

You may also have a diagnosed mental health condition such as anxiety or depression. The Disability and Dyslexia Team can help by putting in a range of supports such as mental health mentoring, exam arrangements and assistance with your studies. You will have a dedicated adviser who will understand your condition and advice you and support you through your studies.

Our rich and vibrant campus is host to over 142 nationalities and many of our students are international from around the world. We recognise that living in a different country can aslo bring additional worries and concerns and our International Advice Team are here to support. 

Self care is important to and all our web pages contain a range of external organisations who can offer additional support. Remember though to look after your health and follow our top tips for self care

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