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EVENT INVITE: We exist too: being Muslim and Queer

As part of London Met’s Pride celebration, we shine a light on LGBTQ folk who are fighting to achieve collective liberation.

About this Event

We will be in conversation with a member of the LGBTQIA+ Muslim group, Hidayah about the experience of being queer in the Muslim faith. The group was founded in hopes of providing more exposure to LGBTQIA+ Muslims,something they find to be scarce for the double, and sometimes triple, minority individuals within society.

The speaker (who will remain anonymous) wants to assure LGBTQIA+ Muslim folk as well as the wider LGBTQIA+ comunity, that ‘we exist too!’. They will share their experiences and explore the challenges and joys of being queer in the Muslim community. They want to share the reality that it is okay to be who you are and discuss some of the common challenges such as feeling impure, wrong or under the ‘influence’ of western society.

For the Hidayah team, this empowerment of Muslim LGBTQ+ will not only help wider society and the Muslim community to move and progress onwards but it will help the LGBTQI+ community to progress and become even stronger than it is now.

About Hidayah

So far, Hidayah, has provided support to hundreds of people and has also provided exposure for the LGBTQI+ Muslim community by being on debates about Faith and Sexuality and co-producing a conference in Birmingham which gained 200 attendees from all communities. They have also been speaking to Malaysian government officials about treating LGBTQI+ Muslims in their nation state, with acceptance.

They have also been involved in the ongoing debate on RSE education in Parkfield Primary school in Birmingham.

This event is open to all London Met students and staff, please use your London Met email address to register for your place.

Date And Time

Tue, 23 February 2021

16:00 – 17:00 GMT

Please note: this event is open to London Met staff and students only

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