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“Transitioning improved my life”

As part of LGBTQIA+ History Month, Verve is showcasing some inspirational student and staff stories

By Rebecca Jones

I was aware I was trans from 3. It took me many years of repression and hiding my true identity before I could finally be my true self at 17 after an unsuccessful attempt at coming out at 15.

Transitioning improved my life in ways I could never have imagined. Being able to look in the mirror and see a face reflected I didn’t hate has been life-changing.

Being able to start hormones even if done through private options has been amazing to have my body finally changing the right way.

*London Met is proud to welcome everyone and is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for all, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and other sexual orientations. Come along to our LGBTQIA+ Society and see how YOU can fit in – here is the link: