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This jewellery stand isn’t just sketchy; it’s haunted

By India Gustin and Weronika Maleszewska

Our two reporters thought the trip to the market would be fairly standard. What they didn’t bargain for, however, was some bizarre items – and ever more bizarre vendors…

Nag’s Head Market. A little run down and messy. It doesn’t have the most pleasant of smells either. However, it does have a little of everything. 

Take a stroll, buy a vintage-looking ring, grab a bite to eat at the noodle bar and then go get your palm read. You can also buy an antique sewing machine, fish heads and a creepy haunted doll. A little book of insults, a full set of manicured nails and a perfectly made LV knock-off purse. 

 So much to choose from, the choice is endless. Picture credit: Weronika Maleszewska

“I come here often just to look around, mostly,” explains Nadyn Burg. She is currently unemployed but is trying to finish her BA in History of Arts at the University of SOAS.

“I don’t think I’d buy any food because it is a little dirty. But the objects are vintage and probably have some interesting backstory to them.”

It’s cheap and it’s intriguing. The jewellery stand is scattered with bits and bobs. Silver stained earrings clutter the area where gemmed rings are meant to be. Necklaces are almost tangled, a little chaotically spaced between the bracelets. Where is the vendor?

He comes, almost hopping, towards the customers. “Hello, beautiful. See something you like?” There is much on the table it’s a little difficult to just focus on one piece of jewellery. Where does he get all of this stuff?

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you,” the vendor says bluntly. He was friendly enough before trying to find out where he sourced all these accessories. His piercing blue eyes make this situation even more creepy. So much so, he scares my reporting partner. So we leave. 

This mannequin describes the situation perfectly: creepy, watchful yet colourful. Picture credit: Weronika Maleszewska

Admittedly, it threw us off a little. The next stand was almost identical to the previous jewellery table. Just as much was scattered all over, a little neater this time. Wherever this vendor got all of his stock, we will never know. The marketplace keeps getting creepier and darker. Apparently, there is a secret place where all these vintage accessories come from. It just sounds sketchy. 

Who knew looking through jewellery would give off the same vibe as looking through forbidden objects in a haunted village? “There are some really wacky styles which you wouldn’t be able to find in other jewellery stores,” explains Jadyn Mullharit, a store clerk from nearby. 

“It might be sketchy but I’m not too worried, to be honest,” Mullharit continues. It may seem innocent, but the entire atmosphere just seemed… haunting. After the vendor with the piercing eyes stared into our souls, our perception of the market was thrown way, way off. 

The infamous jewellery stand. Apart from the backstory of the individual pieces, what other secrets do they hold?
Picture credit: Weronika Maleszewska