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The importance of a good breakfast

Many people start the day by just a plain cup of coffee. However, we all know that breakfast should be rich—ideas about breakfasts, how can we stick to the routine of it. Are there ways to prepare breakfast we need, more quickly?

By Honey Carlier

Breakfast. An overlooked meal we often skip, in favour of a more exciting lunch or a satisfying evening meal.

Is breakfast even important? To put it simply, can we trade in those morning calories and treat ourselves instead to a tempting dessert option?

It’s 2020, so we know what we eat is important. But why do we need to start the day filling our stomachs?

In essence “Breakfast” literally means “breaking the fast”. Overnight, your body has been working hard, repairing, restoring and readying you for the next day. It’s running low on energy after all that, and giving it the right fuel – and know that doesn’t mean just quick coffee – can mean all the difference to the day’s productivity.

A good breakfast can also help you last until lunch, so you don’t find yourself reaching out for high energy snacks that might not be the best option by 10 am.

Breakfast inspiration

Upgrade your porridge game with various toppings such as berries, nuts, seeds or honey!
Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash

Porridge: We don’t mean the lumpy oatmeal slop you’re imagining – let’s make it exciting. Twist and change basic recipes by adding cinnamon spice, then putting in some fresh apple for bite, and top with nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts. This is by no means an exhaustive list; the combinations are endless. Seasonal berries and sliced banana can really transform your porridge. Frozen berries can often be cheaper and last longer than the fresh variety. Add them whilst cooking, allowing them impart their goodness to your meal – it will also make the dish really colourful!

TIP: Using different grains can make it more interesting and boost the nutrition content. Throw in some spelt or cracked barley, or splash out on some quinoa if you’re feeling extra fancy. Note – this will extend the cooking time.

If speed is of the essence, there’s always a solution. Cooking in advance can often be a good way to make sure we are prepared and still fuelled. We’ve heard the classic Overnight oats. A cooler, trendier version of porridge. Very fast to prepare and can be delicious. Tailor this basic recipe to your taste. Combine oats, some fruit and/or nuts. Mix in your milk of choice and let sit overnight in the fridge. Bang – A grab and go item with attitude.

Breakfast muffins are great to eat on the go and will fuel body and brain for the morning!
Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

Muffins: Everybody loves muffins – and breakfast muffins are a great variation! They taste good and you can make a big batch, so you don’t even have to think when you jump out of bed. They’re also a great morning fuel for your body. Using some wholegrain flour will pump up the fibre content too. Mash banana into the batter adding any of your favourite berries for natural sweetness and toss in some seeds in. There you have it, a complete meal in a bite. Side note: Delish!

When you want some comfort food, Eggs are a great food to turn to. However you prefer them, scrambled, boiled or fried they can be made into a tasty dish. Hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs with a piece of wholemeal toast take only minutes to make. If you have cream cheese on hand, mix in with scrambled eggs for a creamily delicious start to the day. Twist this by adding some Mexican zing to your mornings. Add a pinch of chilli and/or paprika to the oil of your fried egg. Some salsa and sliced avocado go great if you have them. Top with fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime to lift the flavour. A delicious version of huevos rancheros in just five minutes.

Quick bite: Every so often, we find ourselves caught short and a hungry stomach. But for whatever reason, you don’t need to sacrifice the first meal of the day. Even a piece of fruit and some yoghurt or a granola pot will give you that lift you need to succeed. Or combine those in a blender for a quick smoothie option. Popping some greens like kale boost the vitamin content and oats will help you feel fuller for longer.