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Meet The LGBTQ+ Society

London Metropolitan University’s LGBTQ+ Society was created in 2019 and is run by President Cinar Aydogan (he/him), Treasurer Alice Stoppani (she/her), and Secretary Timo Holtappels (he/him). The group aims to bring the queer community together by creating a safe space for said community – a space where LGBTQ+ people and allies can come together and share experiences, resources, and support.

The society also wants to organise fun and educative activities to raise awareness for the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community as well as celebrate queer culture and history.

The society organised events such as the Queer Mental Health and Wellbeing event that focused on presentations and support groups for queer people. They also organised a series of events for the LGBTQ+ History month in February 2020 in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ Staff and the Student Union.

In June, London Metropolitan University celebrated ‘Digital Pride’ with a variety of online events.

Here are some of the goals that, according to the president, the society intends to achieve this new term:

•           Increase LGBTQ+ visibility on campus

•           Facilitate events to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, these issues include allowing queer students to use their chosen name in university services and educating all members of the university on how to make the university a safer space

•           Work together with the LGBT+ Staff Network and Student’s Union to have ONE community at London Met

•           Participating in campaigns (LGBTQ+ in sports)

•           Many more events to come

You can hear about all of the society events by emailing them at or by following them on Instagram @lgbtq.metsu