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“I kissed a girl – and I liked it!”

As part of LGBTQIA+ History Month, Verve is showcasing some inspirational student and staff stories

Words and photo by Sara Scheeres

Now, I’ve had some wild, unpredictable weekends, but none like this.

Last Saturday night, two teachers, two bankers, and two uni students – one of which is yours truly –  hit the party scene in Vauxhall. Reggaeton was on the roster, but it wasn’t until we got there that I learned there’d be another room with House/ Techno music. Finally.

See, I don’t mind reggaeton, twirling my backside in slow circles with the girls, but I find it a telling sign of my apathy towards the scene when the morning after I can’t remember a single song, just a blur of voices and noises and butts moving – yet I still attend these kinds of things cause, well, I’m new to London, and I’ll take what I can get. My friends want to go there, so I follow suit… and probably throw back extra shots to get through it.

Electronic music, however, gets me GOING. And the element of surprise just turned me on all the more. I even was dressed the part – to increase the ‘gayness’ as I was getting ready with my friend Carola, we added to my otherwise too-straight fit, a cheetah print crop and black wide-legs combo, a pair of slim shades, platform heeled black boots, and lots and lots of glitter on the collarbones and shoulders. Sexuality has been a big thing for me lately, since I went to a lesbian club and broke the threshold between the experimental Oooh yay! Girlssss! and Ooh, no, no, no. Fuck, I actually like them. No… penises… found…… brain … not … processing…

So we met the teachers and bankers, some Italian friends of mine, and quickly found ourselves in front of the DJ stage with blue lights and smoke machines spinning. One of the bankers, a girl I hadn’t met before as she was a few days fresh from Sicily, told me she liked the techno vibes more. I grabbed her hand and we ditched our friends and ran over to the head-bobbing, shoulder-swaying bunch.

As the clouds in the room thickened, our hands moved above our heads and rounded our bodies like we were witches casting spells, and around each other we danced. Shades on like a slick bitch. The Sicilian was getting closer, and I wondered whether she was hitting on me, or if not, then why do straight girls dance on each other in such a suggestive way? Not helpful for those of us that are attracted to the same gender, or questioning it.

My questions were answered when we rejoined our friends in the Reggaeton room, but remained like planets orbiting around one another. Gravity pulling in closer, until she kissed me, or I kissed her, not sure, does it matter? I was kissing a girl for the first time! Spinning faster like a tornado, all I could think about was Oh my GOD, these lips belong to a woman! And just for that I was happy.

And then the record scratched and she asked me to go home with her. Wait, say what?! I told her I can’t and she asked me why not, so we went to smoke a cigarette and discussed. “I’m so new at this,” I told her. She claimed she was too, as she kissed my ears and neck against a wall. Honey, what?

Perhaps it was the half-rejection on my part, okay of course it was, but Sicily slipped home very quickly after. I stayed for another hour with the two teachers, shaking and moving on a packed dance floor. At some point I found myself dancing with this guy behind me, enjoying it until his head went heavy on my shoulder… boy, go to bed. Bye.

*London Met is proud to welcome everyone and is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for all, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and other sexual orientations. Come along to our LGBTQIA+ Society and see how YOU can fit in – here is the link: