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From the Editor

By Nikos Papanikoloau

2020. This year has been proven to be one of the most challenging in living history, not only for the university and its staff and students, but for all of humankind. The pandemic has affected everything, including our studies, our habits, and our lives. This year will be different for London Metropolitan University, and it will be different for Verve. 

Let me start with the basics. What is Verve? It’s the magazine of the students, by the students and for the students. It is created exclusively by students, with a little help from our friends (tutors), to paraphrase the famous song by The Beatles. Inside every issue, you’ll find useful things about the university, your studies, university societies, and about other things that we think will be important or interesting to you. Sometimes we also write about funny stuff because having fun is part of what we’re all about. 

Verve Magazine has been a part of the university for many years. Pre-Covid, you could see hard copies of the magazine in stands around the building; you could grab a copy while you were having a coffee break, you could read it during your lunchbreak, and sometimes you might even have put a copy into your bag, hoping to read it later – but maybe not getting around to it (we’ve all done it, let’s be honest). 

But more than anything else, Verve has been the student voice. And like London Met, that voice has always been diverse and colourful. I always considered Verve a place where I could read things that really matter to me as a student, and it was important to me to know that Verve, more than anything else, was a way to have my voice heard. 

But things change. As most classes will go online, so will Verve. The issue you are now reading is the first exclusive digital issue of the magazine. We put a lot of effort into creating it because it has been around for many years, and something like a global pandemic is certainly not going to be enough to stop it.  It may be enough to change it, but this change will be on our terms. And when the time is right, you will find a physical copy of it in a stand, while you’re drinking a cup of coffee with your friends. And this time will soon come. 

So, Verve is not a magazine; Verve is you. Each and every one of you. It’s breathing through you. That’s why we want you to be part of it. We are proud to study in a university where diversity is celebrated, and your voice is heard loud and clear. And we want Verve to be a vital part of this. We want your different voices, your wonderful ideas, and your colourful personalities. We don’t want you to be a part of Verve; we want you to be Verve. 

If you are a London Met student and want to get involved, we have a variety of roles including: Writer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Journalist and Researchers. Get in touch with us today and we will see what we can do for you!