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Decolonising London Met

By Janet Douglas-Gardner & Gene Huie-Manneh (Co- Leads Decolonising Met Working Group)

The Decolonising Met Working Party Group was successfully launched by visiting lecturer Dr Jason Arday in July 2020.  The group is made up of academics, Student Union students, senior management, professional service staff and external partners.

London Met is fully committed to the University’s Education for Social Justice Framework which is progressing a whole institutional approach to embedding equality, diversity and fair outcomes in everything we do.  Through this group we will seek to decolonise the:

  • Curriculum – all aspects of learning, teaching and assessment
  • Professional behaviour, – including developing anti-racist attitudes and practices 
  • Student experience and 
  • Student space (both physical and psychological) 

for all to succeed and feel empowered. 

Decolonising is an essential part of securing a fully inclusive community for all.  It means challenging and reconstructing the norms and cultures of wider society and London Met to create spaces and opportunities for all to feel valued and a part of our community.  

London Met promotes positive, respectful relationships and interactions; examples include embracing and celebrating the cultural wealth of our diverse students and staff, teaching with awareness of racism, correcting stereotypes and addressing micro aggressions if, and when they arise and creating opportunities for all to speak and be heard. 

At London Met we also critically examine our curriculum design and content.  This includes looking closely at as well as finding appropriate alternatives to the dominant Eurocentric and Western knowledge models, narratives, assumptions, expertise and established texts. The aim is to source relevant high-quality subject specific resources which include hidden figures and knowledge from around the globe.

Prof Jason Arday, visiting lecturer at London
Metropolitan University launched the
Decolonising Met Working Group in July 2020