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Crystal craze: why is everyone buying gemstones?

Crystals are a beautiful form of art that we can wear, but that’s not why the crystal market is been booming lately. Is this generation seeking spiritual energy in physical things? We give you an insight into the shoppers’ perspective

By Carolina Piras

Crystal shopping has become popular in recent years, with people finding their spiritual side and practising meditation. It went from being considered a weird thing, to attracting enough emphasis to become a popular topic. So popular that crystals are today part of a billion-dollar industry.

Crystals on sale at Spiritual Wellbeing. Courtesy of Spiritual Wellbeing. Picture Credit: Carolina Piras

From Victoria Beckham to Adele to Megan Fox, celebrities have long expressed their enthusiasm for the gemstones, praising their spiritual and healing benefits.

Spiritual Wellbeing, in Holloway Road, is a crystal and incense shop, selling all different crystals for different needs and desires. We spoke to some crystal buyers and asked them about their personal practices.

“The crystals have a beneficial property, which thanks to the energies they emanate help to relax and increase a good mood, recharge the person with positive energies, automatically help to be happy,” said Virgil Hoang, 29, a Buddhist yoga instructor.

“Plus if you know how to work on the chakras you can reach a real state of mental well-being which also the body will have the privilege of.”

Crystal practice happens among people that have different types of professions, while they try to juggle between a mindful and balanced lifestyle and their job routine.

Alice Matthews, 25, a law graduate currently interning in a law firm in London, said: “I start buying crystals during a very dark period of my life. I was basically rebuilding my life and seeking so hard for balance in my life when a friend of mine warmly suggested buying crystals.”

Courtesy of Spiritual Wellbeing. Picture Credit: Carolina Piras

“At first, because I was in a dark place with my life and mental health, I felt like they were completely useless objects. It took me time, patience and research to realise the crystals won’t work unless they connect to our own vibe, so being my vibes very negative and resentful, I kept having back that type of energy,” she said.

Courtesy of Spiritual Wellbeing. Picture Credit: Carolina Piras

“Through time I researched and learned the importance of our mind’s power and energies, and realised they were bringing me actual physical and emotional healing. Rose Quartz became the most important crystal I’ve ever bought and I rely on it to attract happiness, calmness and creativity.”

“Considering their effect and the endless benefits of this product, I enjoy spending to buy crystals,” Matthews added.

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