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Critical Conversation Cafe: Gender Justice in the Curriculum

Gender justice is social justice. Join this session to learn about strategic ways of embedding gender justice into the curriculum.

Come learn more on Wed 17th March 2021 3pm-3.50pm

Hosted by Harleena Jagde, Fair Outcomes Project Lead – Harassment and Hate Crimes

Educational settings have long been sites of resistance advocating for the most marginalised groups in society. Can we afford to adopt a neutral stance to any form of oppression, especially in educational settings? All interactions are opportunities to uphold or challenge gender injustice and our curricula are no different.

Join Harleena for a discussion on how learning and teaching spaces can shift from reproducing the status quo to igniting transformational change by challenging sexist and patriarchal attitudes.

The concept of gender occupies learning and teaching in complex and multifaceted ways. This relationship impacts the content of our curriculum, pedagogy, and the socio-psychological learning environment. In order to gain a deeper understanding of gender as a social/gender construction, we must look beyond gender as ‘sex-group differences’ and ask ourselves how we reproduce gender injustice in our learning and teaching environments.

Critical pedagogy theorists have long asked us to scrutinise the content we select for our courses, specifically the voices that are omitted and how stories are told. These are not neutral choices and to truly embed gender justice into the curriculum, we must not only understand how social and cultural scripts influence our curriculum, but also challenge gendered discourses that we have internalised. The learning and teaching environment influences how students see themselves, and how they are perceived which has a direct impact on their self-esteem. By embedding gender justice into our curriculum, we are creating a welcoming and impactful learning space for all.

This event is open to all London Met students and staff only; please use your London Met email address to register for your place.

Please also ensure that you read the Cafe Courtesies before the event.


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