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Black, queer and proud

As part of LGBTQIA+ History Month, Verve is showcasing some inspirational student and staff stories

By Jemmy Freitas Soares

Growing up and living in a culture where loving the same sex is a sin means that it’s not easy to be yourself.

Hearing the words everyday like “Why you don’t act like a boy?” or “A man belongs to a woman” can really hurt your self-esteem, making you feel depressed and feeling like you do not really belong in this society.

But living and study in a city like London can make you feel that yes, you are part of the world.

Proud to be London Met

I am glad to study in a university such as London Metropolitan University, where they seek to make everyone aware of the LBGTQIA+ community.

I feel home, welcomed, and safe at London Met, like I can truly be myself and do not have to worry about people making fun of me.

It is important to study somewhere you can be yourself and where they support you even, if they do not understand what it is like to be queer. The most important thing is that you do not want to feel like you are alone.

Be your authentic self

I always find it best to stay in a community that represents you and stands beside you.

I have always been myself even when people did not understand my choice to love someone who is the same sex. By being myself, I can love, respect who I am more, and I can show people the true me.

*London Met is proud to welcome everyone and is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for all, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and other sexual orientations. Come along to our LGBTQIA+ Society and see how YOU can fit in – here is the link: