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Beauty and jewellery: treat yourself at Nag’s Head Market

You don’t have to spend a fortune to treat yourself. Need a haircut? New nails? Maybe you’re looking for some jewellery to will make you shine? Nag’s Head Market offers you affordable and competitive options, and you might be surprised by how much you can save

By Francesco Fiori and Carolina Piras

Get lost in the uniqueness of Nag’s Head Market, where you will discover a treasure trove of unusual items and warm service by the small local businesses

Unit 59

Big, shiny necklaces are definitely their thing. If you are looking for flashy and eccentric jewellery, Unit 59 is the right place to shop.

Jewellery and various items on sale at Unit 59. Picture credit: Carolina Piras

Not only will you find big necklaces of any kind and shape, but you will also find great earrings and bold bracelets to match as they have plenty of showy jewellery sets. 

Jewellery and various items on sale at Unit 59. Picture credit: Carolina Piras

“I’ve been browsing in most of the charity shops in the Seven Sisters area to find a necklace for my New Year’s Eve party, and for weeks I couldn’t find anything,” said Minenhle Ndiaye, a 47-year-old local nursing assistant at St. Anne’s hospital.

Ndiaye says she likes to treat herself without spending too much. “I always shop local. Often I find the best items in markets or charity shops,” she said.

“Unit 59 is the only place where I’ve found an affordable but nice set for my New Year’s Eve party.”

Gina George Creation Station

This shop is widely known in the area for the quality of its jewellery, as well as a variety of handmade products.

Silver jewellery of any kind is available here, from pretty minimal rings to named-necklaces, to bold or small earrings. There is plenty to suit any taste!

Silver rings at Gina George Creation Station, many of them are customised. Picture credit: Nags Head Market official Facebook page

Looking for a present for your loved ones, or just for yourself? Gina will definitely have anything for your needs, and she will customise it for you!

“I’m not a big fan of fast fashion,” said Stella Szymanski, 25, who is finishing her MA in Fine Arts at the University of East London. “That’s why I love to get lost in little markets like the Nag’s Head. I come here at least once a week,” she said.

Szymanski – a local resident in Holloway – said she came across Gina George’s shop by accident about one year ago. “I was caught by all these silver shiny objects,” she said.

On a bright weekday she came to the market looking for a present for her sister’s birthday: “I was all over the place until I entered this shop.

Silver pieces of jewellery at Gina George Creation Station. Picture credit: Nags Head Market official Facebook page

“I didn’t have to find a present, because Gina was able to find the perfect idea for me, a ring, which she later customised with my sister’s date of birth.

“That’s the selling attitude that makes you definitely want to come back,” she added.

Le Nail

A tiny nail corner shop where ladies and gents can take care of their nails. Need a cuddle? Le Nail knows what to do.

“I come here every two weeks from ages. I always feel welcome, and their prices are low compared to other places,” said Sophie William, a 43-year-old mother of three from Holloway.

Le Nails shop at Nags Head Market. Picture credit: Nags Head Market official Facebook page

Daizy’s Beauty and Hair Salon

Daizy’s Beauty and Hair specialises in afro hair and other hairstyles for women: the right place for queens who want to get an amazing hairstyle.

Le Nails shop at Nags Head Market. Picture credit: Nags Head Market official Facebook page

Amani Brown, 35, is a hip hop dance teacher from Holloway. “Daizy is magnificent; when I want my pigtails or simply my hair did, I come to her. She knows what to do, and how to do it.”

Nag’s Haircut 

Nag’s Haircut is the spot where gentlemen can enjoy a relaxing moment, with a personalised touch to ensure they are satisfied with their hairdressing experience.

Nag’s Haircut price list. Picture credit: Nag’s Head Market official Facebook page

Andrew Taylor, a 53-year-old accountant living in Seven Sisters, said: “I don’t just come here for a haircut, really. I also come here to see some old friends, have a chat and have a nice service. I have other barber shops quite close to my house, but I still prefer this.”

Want to discover more? Have a look on the Nag’s Head Market Facebook official page, where you’ll find plenty of small businesses to discover. It’s never too late to save!

Inside the Nag’s Head Market. Picture credit: Carolina Piras