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A-Z Student Survival Guide (minus a few letters)

Accommodation. Whether you’re staying in a private home, student accommodation or with mum and dad, where you live is important! If you’re in student accommodation, check your contract for what you can and cannot do. If you don’t feel safe or have a problem, talk to the reception team at your accommodation, your landlord, or our Accommodation Bureau.

Booze. Take it easy!  Nobody likes not remembering what they did the previous day and those drunk texts to your best friends or your ex aren’t that funny when you’re sober. Look after yourselves and your friends while drinking. Water and soft drinks are your friends.

Be sure to social distance at pubs and look out for your friends! Photo via Elevate images.

Cash! London is expensive. If you are struggling with money management, saving or there are problems with your Student Finance, be sure to speak to our student services who can help you out with advice.

Doctors.  If you’ve moved away from home, you might need a new GP. Check out the local area or look online to find a local doctor. Get a test if you suspect you have Covid symptoms.

Exams. Coursework and exams will be a constant part of your life for the next few years, but don’t let that put you off. The library is there to help and your lecturers and Academic Mentors are there to support you. Top Tip: Essays written overnight aren’t that great! 

Fun. Want to have a good time? Don’t think that with COVID the fun has to stop. Look at the uni website for loads of fun online activities you can participate in safely.

Interacting with friends may have gone virtual, but that doesn’t stop the fun of seeing a familiar face. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

Gaming. Love a good game? Get involved with the London Met Passport, a voluntary gamified online community where you have fun and learn skills. Ask your tutor for more.

Homesickness.  From a young age, all you want is to move away and be independent, but the moment you move away and become independent, all you want is to be back home! Every student has been there. It’s completely normal. If you find you are struggling being away from home, talk to a friend or a teacher. There’s always someone in university to listen to you.

Interships. You’re going to be hearing this word A LOT! You might also hear it phrased as ‘work experience.’ Your lecturers love talking about internships and they love it even more when you tell them you have one! Remote ones can be just as valuable.

Libraries. Our Learning Centre has everything you need – online! Check out the Reading Lists for your modules and talk to your subject librarian – they are there to help.

Mental health. This is just as important as your physical health. University is a big change that’s not always easy. If you feel low, anxious, scared and stressed, you are far from being alone! Talk to a friend, a tutor, or go to LMU’s student services who can point you in the right direction. Your GP can also help.

New friends. Uni is a place to meet new people and make lifelong friendships. If you’re not outgoing, this can be hard – but attending a Learning Café on campus is a great place to start.

Step out of your comfort zone to meet new friends! Photo by Helena Lopes.

Politics. Many of you have just turned 18, so exercise your right to vote. It’s not only a rite of passage but an important way for YOU to have your say in society.

Represent yourself and your fellow students by becoming a Course Rep. Lecturers love to know what students think of their course and it’s a great way for you to express what you love and what you don’t love so much. It also looks great on your CV. 

Sex. If you have an issue that requires a trip to a sexual health clinic, there are plenty of options out there for you. Look online to find a walk-in clinic near you or talk to your pharmacist. Don’t suffer in silence.

Telephone. Remember that clever invention sitting in your pocket? Call your mum! She will appreciate it more than you know.

Verve. Get involved! If you want to take part in something great and show off your wonderful university, get involved with Verve, whether you’re interested in the radio station or the magazine. Get in touch with the Students’ Union to know more. 

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